Painting Tips

5 Painting Mistakes to Avoid - IMG 0142 300x200

5 Painting Mistakes to Avoid

When giving your property a paint makeover, there are a few things that can go wrong. We’ve put together some expert advice on 5 painting mistakes and how to avoid them. 1. Lack of Preparation Preparing your walls or exterior for a fresh coat of paint is an essential aspect of achieving a professional result.…

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Choosing Interior Paint Colours

Interior paint colour can transform your home. Choosing the right colour can be tricky, so we have listed a couple of things to keep in mind. Paint Colour Creates Mood The colour of the walls establishes the mood of a room. When you are deciding on a colour, consider how you want a room to…

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yellowing paint

What to do With Yellowing Paint

Over time, enamel solvent-based paints begin to oxidise, giving your once white walls a yellow tinge. This is a property of oil-based paints and varnishes, and cannot be avoided completely. Oxidisation can be accelerated, so we have listed a few causes and solutions to help keep your white walls white. Causes: Oxidisation is the main…

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Fixing Bad Paint Jobs - Paint on window frame 2

Fixing Bad Paint Jobs

You wouldn’t believe how many bad paint jobs we see when we’re out and about in people’s homes. At a rough guesstimate I’d say we are asked to quote on fixing dodgy paint jobs at least once a week.  Some of this work has been done by the homeowner who was trying to save money…

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painting scaffold

Safety When Painting

Whether you are doing your own painting or employing reliable painters to paint your home for you, it is essential to be aware of safety issues. These range from fumes from cleaning and paint products, to hazards that might cause an accident. Of course as professional painters we take all necessary precautions to avoid any…

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7 Tips for Eliminating Paint Fumes - onion1

7 Tips for Eliminating Paint Fumes

As interior house painters, we are all too familiar with the smell of freshly painted walls. The odour of fresh paint comes from the evaporation of solvents in the paint. Once the solvents are fully evaporated, the paint is dry and the smell will disappear. When we paint interiors we use high quality non-toxic paints,…

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Great Painting Tips from Professional House Painters - masking tape

Great Painting Tips from Professional House Painters

As passionate house painters, we have a whole tool-belt full of tips and techniques that we use to work as effectively as possible. Here are just some of them:- A House Painters History Book It is amazing what we find when we uncover old paint. By gently scraping away the loose paintwork we can reveal…

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How Brisbane Home Painters Work With the Weather - blistering paint

How Brisbane Home Painters Work With the Weather

As Brisbane home painters, we are often at the mercy of extreme weather conditions, which can affect paint drying time and finishes. Manufacturers of the quality paints that we use  provide recommendations on the paint tins for things like:  minimum and maximum painting temperatures drying times under varying conditions how long you need to wait…

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Cleaning Paint spills - Tips from Gold Coast Painters - Prep 2

Cleaning Paint spills – Tips from Gold Coast Painters

We consider ourselves professional Gold Coast painters, so spilling paint does not happen to us very often. But are frequently asked by our clients how to clean up paint spills, so we thought we’d tell you. Gold Coast Painters tell how to: Mop-up Wet Paint Spills The sooner you get to the paint while it’s wet,…

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