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Louise Kraudelt

How Brisbane Home Painters Work With the Weather

As Brisbane home painters, we are often at the mercy of extreme weather conditions, which can affect paint drying time and finishes. Manufacturers of the quality paints that we use  provide recommendations on the paint tins for things like:  minimum and maximum painting temperatures drying times under varying conditions how long you need to wait…

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Kraudelt Painting – Paint Storage Ideas

At Kraudelt Painting love our work, and we love our paints. Needless to say we have more than a few colours and types in storage. So we thought we would share some secrets on how to store paint properly and have some fun at the same time. The Technical Bits Paint is designed to react…

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Cleaning Paint spills – Tips from Gold Coast Painters

We consider ourselves professional Gold Coast painters, so spilling paint does not happen to us very often. But are frequently asked by our clients how to clean up paint spills, so we thought we’d tell you. Gold Coast Painters tell how to: Mop-up Wet Paint Spills The sooner you get to the paint while it’s wet,…

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Painters of Double-Storey Height Houses

We are local painters, so we have noticed that Brisbane has more double-storey height homes than anywhere else in Australia Original “Queenslander” homes built high off the ground are effectively double-storey height. Add them to the many double-storey homes around, and voila – Brisbane. How Double-Storey House Painters use Scaffolding vs Ladders Scaffolding is by…

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Eliminating Mould from Your Bathroom Ceiling

Mould loves hot, humid conditions so it happily grows in bathrooms all over coastal Queensland. As Brisbane Painters, we have a lot of experience eliminating ugly mildew from bathrooms, laundries kitchens and wherever it grows on your paint. Not only is it ugly to look at, but mould can damage your ceilings and walls. It…

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Exterior Paint Preparation – Doing it Right!

Exterior Paint preparation can be one of the most time consuming tasks of a painting project. As professionals, we breeze through it because we do it all the time. But if you decide to take on this job, then the first thing you need to check is the long-term weather forecast. You don’t want all…

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Tips for Painting Brick Walls

If you feel that your brick or rendered home is looking outdated, perhaps it’s time for a facelift. Darker brick colours like chocolate or deep red can not only look tired, but also help intensify the heat in your home in summer. So it makes sense for us to help you add dollar value as…

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